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Stress Less FAQ

What exactly is Stress Less Week?
Stress Less week is an initiative brought to you by Student Central, to bring you exciting, fun and relaxing strategies to help you cope with and manage stress in the lead up to exams and assessments, 

Is there a limit to how long I can spend with the therapy dogs?
Not a hard and fast rule for how long you can spend with the therapy dogs, but we would recommend no longer than 5 minutes per dog as there will be many other people wanting to pat them also!

Will there be professional guidance during the meditation sessions?
No, Meditation Mondays are more centred around low lighting, lo-fi ambient music and free snacks – no guided sessions, just a safe space to relax during your exam and assessment preparations.

Can I attend multiple sessions of Meditation Monday?
Of course!

Are there any costs associated with attending Stress Less Week events?
No costs at all.

How can I sign up for Red Bull Study Club?
First in best dressed! Red Bull and UNSA are just creating a fun, engaging study space for you – no need to sign up, just come and be ready to win some prizes!

Are there any dietary options available for students with food restrictions at Red Bull Study Club?
We will do our best to cater to most dietary requirements with a variety of snack options.

Can I attend Red Bull Study Club if I don’t drink energy drinks?
Absolutely! We will have bottles of water and a small selection of free coffee vouchers also.

Are these events available to non-students?
No, you must be a current UoN student to attend these events.

Are there any opportunities for students to provide feedback or suggestions for future Stress Less Week events?
Yes absolutely! Send UNSA a DM on Instagram with any suggestions you might have for future Stress Less events!

How can I stay updated on any changes or additions to the Stress Less Week schedule?
Stay up to date on socials with UNSA!

Will these activities be fully accessible?
Yes! All events will be fully accessible for all students.