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The Online Engagement & Experience Officer helps develop and maintain UNSA’s online student engagement channels – primarily its website, social media platforms, video sharing accounts, and mailing list.

They also organise and assist in the delivery of UNSA’s online workshops and social events, connecting with students (especially Cloud Campus students) to provide content and networking opportunities that are best suited to their needs.

Finally, the Online Engagement & Experience Officer directly supports postgraduate students at the University of Newcastle (including Graduate Certificate, Master’s Coursework/Research, and PhD Coursework/Research) through the provision of postgraduate-specific events and activities, both on campus and online.


Hugh Milligan

Heya! I’m Hugh Milligan, your Online Engagement & Experience Officer. I’m no longer a student myself (having finished a double B.Music/B.Arts sometime in the early Renaissance), but I’ve worked with student associations here at the university for about six years now, and I absolutely love it. Supporting you through the daily challenges of student life is an honour – and I get to have tons of fun with you while doing it! Always a plus.

I’m a Level 5 super-nerd: Final Fantasy XIV, tabletop gaming and Nintendo Switch are all solid pursuits. I’m also writing a sci-fi novel, the premise of which was far more outlandish when I started seven years ago (before the threat of global extinction became a segment on breakfast TV). Oh, and I tend to geek out on Greek mythology and Wes Anderson films. I’m a pretty cool guy, as you can tell.

As OE&EO (hey, that’s a palindrome!), I organise and run all of our online and postgrad-specific workshops and events. So, if you have any suggestions on workshop content that you’d find useful, or weird and wonderful social activities you think we should run (like a My Little Pony-themed cupcake bake-off, or an inter-college Hunger Games), get in touch with me and let me know!