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Graphic Design Intern


The graphic design intern is responsible for the beauty and layout of the hardcopy of Opus magazine, as well as creating some amazing cover art.

The graphic designer is also the go-to for cool social media posts, advertising, posters and more!

Tiana Williams 

Hi, my name is Tiana. I’m the Graphic Designer here at UNSA and I’m studying Visual Communication Design, going into my last semester. You’ll see me around the city campuses, usually the University House.  

In my free time, I enjoy a good scary movie marathon, or going out with my friends for a few too many beverages. You won’t catch me at the gym, but I do like a leisurely afternoon stroll from Bar Beach to Merewether. I’m a bit of a food snob and enjoy some classy dining, so if you have any suggestions - send them my way! 

I love being a part of UNSA and the wonderful community they have created. If you ever have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop by. I hope you like my creations and make sure to pick up a copy of the Opus mag when you see it!