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The General Manager is head of all daily staffing and operations at UNSA, leading our offices and team members in the provision of all student services, activities and initiatives.

They act as a conduit between staff and the UNSA President, Board and SRC, assess staff training and performance, and forge connections at the highest level with both senior University figures and community stakeholders, all to ensure that we deliver services of the utmost quality to our students.


Georgia Killick

I’m a proud University of Newcastle social work alumna and came to my career in students’ associations after working in management for the disability employment sector. I have diverse employment experience which has allowed me to hone a really dynamic, transferable skill set over the years. I love being able to utilise multiple perspectives as part of shaping service provision. 

People are my passion and I thrive when working in human-centred environments. I'm looking at you, UNSA team!

I am a die-hard foodie who devours a cocktail and a good conversation (Local Connections is my home away from home) and I love listening to music. I am extremely partial to all of the funny things, and if you make me laugh, you earn a special spot in my heart immediately.

I try not to take myself too seriously, but I take my role at UNSA extremely seriously. It's a constant juggling act that makes life interesting. I think so much of my journey has been about finding balance, and while I don’t always succeed, I always try to find the sweet spot!

I am also the proud parent of two truly adorable giant doggos (and two spite-filled cats, who I still visit but no longer live with me), who are my world. I love to garden and think I am pretty good at growing herbs, passionfruit, and indoor plants (I live for hanging baskets). I am also a bookworm with a morbid fascination with serial killers. I’m always down for a chat about Mindhunteror Silence of the Lambs, if you’re keen. 

Under the watchful eye of the UNSA Board, I want to build a team and structure that truly allows for a ‘students as partners’ model and will support all students in their time at this university. I hope to access and amplify the student voice, as students are the subject matter experts of their experiences. 

I am trying to create a best practice students’ association that not only meets but exceeds expectations. We need to develop spaces and places that students can bring their whole selves to and feel like they are welcome, wanted and worthy.

It is a pleasure to be part of UNSA and I encourage all students to share my enthusiasm, as this is your association. I am merely a humble servant.