Ya Basic Life Hacks

By Tyler Bridges. Published October 12, 2020.

Life hacks, through products and apps, can help the time-poor university student feel their very best as we come into the home stretch of Semester 2 classes, assessments and exams. Most of these products are low-cost, and some are even FREE!

Eyeliner stamps:

These stamps come in a set of both left and right wing and allow those who do not have an hour to do and redo their wing nine times the ability to look like a badass. They also come equipped with an eyeliner pen to expand the stamped wing across the lid, or to extend the wing larger than the stamp.

These stamps are $39.95 at Priceline, which might seem like a large chunk of money, but they are full of plenty of ink to last you as long as it takes for you to learn how to do a quick flick on your own.

Water bottle with time stamps:

As a university student, it is sometimes hard to remember to drink enough water, which is why this water bottle is amazing for even the busiest uni student. This bottle sets your goals for you and then sits on your desk all day, reminding you to stay hydrated. On sale at Kitchen style for $21.95, this is a great investment in your body’s future.

Lifesum mobile app:

Forget to eat sometimes because you are in the zone with an assessment? Get to the end of the day and wonder why you are exhausted? This app allows you to track your food intake, and can recommend the amount of kilojoules per meal based on the goals you set when you start your account. You can select weight loss, weight gain or just maintenance. It is styled for you. The best feature of this app has to be its ability to scan barcodes on food for easy tracking.

This app is FREE via the app store. There is a more advanced version of the app for those who do want to pay, but the standard one will keep you on track and give you plenty of smiles when you eat your veggies and good things!

Opus is in no way sponsored by any of these product. We are just obsessed with them.

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