(Virtually) Hug a Vegan Day

By Tyler Bridges. Published September 27, 2020.

There is a day for everything, but this one is now officially my favourite day of the year. I have been a vegan a few years now, and most days I deal with statements like, “But where do you get protein?” or, “Don’t you miss it?” or, “Oh, I could never do that.” But not today, people! Because today is my day to be praised and not scrutinised.

Hug a Vegan Day is a chance to show those trying to help animals and make a difference to the planet that what they are doing is awesome! For some, being vegan is about animal cruelty, while for others it is an environmental choice, or a health choice. Or they simply don’t like animal products. Whatever the reason, they are doing a great thing for this planet.

This year, due to social distancing, we probably won’t be exchanging hugs, but there are many ways you can express your appreciation for vegan friends and family. Sending them a virtual hug is a great way to show you care, or you could go a step further and get them a yummy vegan treat! There are so many ways to show your gratitude to these champions of animals.

There are those who would also love to go vegan but, for health reasons, are unable to. I think they deserve a hug today as well, for having the thought. It’s a big deal and you deserve some virtual hug love too.

Here is my hug for all my fellow vegans (and vegetarians) out there. Keep being you!

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