UNSA Nominations and Elections

By Tyler Bridges. Published September 11, 2020.

It’s that time of year again, everyone: that time when we decide if we want to represent our cohort on the Student Representative Council at UNSA. UNSA is still a little caterpillar, but in 2021 it is going to burst forward as a beautiful butterfly – and YOU can help it do that!

Being on the SRC is an amazing opportunity to make the student voice heard and the UON community thrive, especially as we face university fee hikes, global pandemics and toilet paper shortages. The world has gone mad, but UNSA’s SRC is here to make everything just a little bit easier for students.

Thinking about going for a position? Nominations are open now and close 5pm Wednesday, September 16 (so you have less than a week now!). The positions are as follows:

> President

> Vice-President (Education)

> Vice-President (Experience & Engagement)

> Vice-President (Welfare & Wellbeing)

> International Students’ Senate Convenor

> Postgraduate Students’ Senate Convenor

> Central Coast Campus Convenor

> Cloud Campus Convenor

> Newcastle Campuses Convenor

> Port Macquarie Campus Convenor

> Sydney Campus Convenor

You can only apply and vote for positions for which you are eligible (for example, only those who study at Central Coast Campus can become Central Coast Campus Convenor). This ensures that students are represented by those who are part of their cohort, and fully aware of their needs.

I won’t lie to you – being on the SRC can be hard. But it is also one of the most rewarding experiences of your life as you get to meet and work with so many other students, staff and support people, not just from UON but across the country.

Even if the SRC isn’t for you, it’s still SOOOOOOO important that you vote. These students are the ones who’ll decide where some of your SSAF is spent, what resources and services UNSA will provide, and communicate your needs to those in charge at UON. That’s why you should take the time to read about the candidates when voting opens, and vote for who will best represent you and your needs. I know many of us skip over a lot of our emails (guilty), but this is one email you don’t want to miss.

Remember: nominate, vote and good luck!

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