Tuning In Means Being Present

By Tyler Bridges. Published October 13, 2020.

Mental Health Association NSW (WayAhead) have been involved in running annual campaigns to raise awareness of mental health issues for over 80 years.

Throughout the years, campaigns have varied from NSW Mental Health Day, and Week — to NSW Mental Health Month, which has run every October from 2010 until present.

The campaign was changed to a month-long event due to an overwhelming increase in the number of activities held by organisations commemorating the cause. Spread out over four weeks rather than one, this has allowed for further reach and greater public participation.

Each year brings a new theme and for 2020 it is “Tune In”. This year, it is more important than ever to tune in with ourselves and others to support our mental health.


It means being aware of what is happening within you, and in the world around you. 

Being present by tuning in has been shown to assist in building self-awareness, making effective choices, reducing the impact of worry, and building positive connections. 

Elizabeth Priestley, CEO of WayAhead, believes that Mental Health Month has been crucial in raising awareness of mental health over the years, making it a less taboo topic to be discussed. This encourages earlier service seeking and mental health assistance. She says that, “Early intervention is essential to greater mental health in the wider community. The earlier mental health needs are identified and assisted, the less costs there are in the long run.”

At UON, there are a range of activities scheduled for Mental Health Month, including information stalls at Ourimbah, NUspace and Callaghan campus and online Q&A sessions with our Counsellors, Well-being Advisors and Accessibility team, to ensure you know where to get the mental health support you need. Check the UNSA and University websites for more information.

You can find more information on the University Counselling team here.

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