Timberlina the Trivia Queen

By Tyler Bridges. Published October 22, 2020.

The one, the only, Timberlina is doing an event for UNSA’s Pride Week! *cue the excited screaming*

If you are from Newcastle, I am sure you have heard of Timberlina, but if you have been living under a rock for some time, I will give you the goss.

Hailing from a small country town in the Central West of New South Wales, Timberlina was reborn in spectacular style and glittery glory in early 2017. She now continues to be an ever-evolving chameleon of the performance and hosting world. Timberlina does a variety of events, such as trivia, bingo and drag shows. She even acts as a celebrant for weddings!

Some of our friends over at Yak went along to one of the drag events that Timberlina participated in recently, and it’s safe to say that they, along with everyone else, are now obsessed with her. Jayme Zimmermann was enthralled with her performance:

“Timberlina has opened up the Newcastle drag community and has allowed amazing opportunities for local performers. She’s always able to capture her audience with her incredible wit and stage presence. I love seeing her perform.”

The opportunity to see Timberlina is not one to be missed, as Keighley, who attended the Timberlina Drag-Off, says:

“Her events are vibrant and eccentric, which makes them all that much more fun. Honestly, it’d be stupid for you to miss out on a FREE event with her.”

We are all starting to miss that feeling of going out and having a fun night on the town, but this event brings that vibe back to life, as Phoebe Metcalfe explains.

“Timberlina is one of the finest entertainers in NSW. Remember going to a club and drinking the night away without any worry about the next morning? The energy that comes from being in the same room as her is like that. The queen is so damn talented and incredibly funny.”

So if you are looking for a fabulous night out this Friday, but from the comfort of your own home, UNSA’s Pride Week trivia is the event to go to (virtually). Timberlina will be presenting three rounds of questions covering a range of topics. There’ll be drag performances, plenty of laughs and gift card prizes to win! Once again, if you missed it: this is all for FREE!


Trivia with Timberlina will start at 5.45pm via Zoom. Access the room here: https://uonewcastle.zoom.us/j/96099520978?pwd=d3BSc0xVSTlucnppOTM0bkZxbmd1QT09

We encourage you to register your attendance in advance here: https://unsa070364.typeform.com/to/Onqwgfz4


And if you want to book Timberlina for your own event, or just find out more, click here: https://timberproductions.com.au/timberlina/

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