R U OK? Day 2020

By Tyler Bridges. Published September 10, 2020.

This year has been one of the hardest in recent times on everyone’s mental health, making the question, “Are you okay?” even more important to ask. R U OK? Day was created to inspire people to have meaningful conversations with those around them who may be struggling with life – and this year, that seems to be most of us.

R U OK? Day 2020’s message is, “There’s more to say after R U OK?” Asking the question is just the beginning. It’s important to listen to the answer, encourage someone to take action if they are not okay, and then come back to check on them later. And you don’t have to wait for R U OK? Day to do this. You can ask someone if they are okay on any day of the year, and you can follow up with them as many times as you think they need.

If you are wondering how to do more, or what to say when you ask someone how they are, do not fret – the R U OK? Day website has resources you can use to start conversations, look for signs that someone may need help, and more.

It is also important to check in on yourself, and make sure you are in the right headspace to check on someone else. Sometimes what somebody has to say can be difficult to hear, and it’s important to prepare yourself for a potentially heavy conversation.

Need to access some help? R U OK? Day’s website also has you covered, with Australian helpline details and other support resources. You can also get help here at UON with plenty of resources on campus and online to help you.

This year has been tough, but here at UON we have a community to help. Go and ask someone how they are doing today, and show them you care.

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