Need help? We know a Guy!

By Tyler Bridges. Published October 22, 2020.

Ever find yourself in need of some help during your time at uni but never really knowing who or what to ask? We’ve got you covered!

The University is running a series of zoom sessions with the Counselling Service, who’ll be answering some frequently asked questions about support services available to students. This is the perfect time to get all your answers without having to do the scary bits like asking yourself, getting out of your comfort zone, or feeling like a fool. (Side note here: you are NOT a fool, we all need help sometimes!)


These zoom sessions will be focused around 5 different areas:

–       Finance

–      Counselling

–      Indigenous Students 

–      AccessAbility 

–       Wellbeing 


Session times are:

–      Monday October 26, 10am

–      Tuesday October 27, 3pm

–       Thursday October 28, 12pm

–       Wednesday October 28, 2.30pm

–       Friday October 30, 11am




Follow the zoom links to join these sessions, and get the best information to help you through your studies.


Monday 26th 10am – Counselling and Pathways/Enabling with Helen Scobie

    Password: 356318

Tuesday 27th 3pm – Indigenous Student Support with Phoebe Sanders

    Password: 343659

Wednesday 28th 2.30pm – AccessAbility Support with Georgie Kerr

    Password: 306468

Thursday 29th 12pm – Financial Support with Victoria Price

    Password: 151632

Friday 30th 11am – Wellbeing Advisor with Noel Gueco

    Password: 089522

The University of Newcastle provides an afterhours crisis support phone line between 5pm to 9am weekdays, and 24 hours over the weekends and public holidays. To access the UON out-of-hour crisis support line:

·          Call 1300 653 007

·         Text 0488 863 216 for sms chat option

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