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By Tyler Bridges. Published September 2, 2020.

2020 has been a hard year for university clubs – and if you are a club convener, you’re probably stuck for how you can engage with your members. Do not fret: we have some helpful tips on how to get your club up and running for the remainder of the year, and even maintain an online presence for Cloud Campus students!

The best platforms are always free when you’re running on a clubs budget, so take advantage of Zoom (logged in through your university email), Facebook, Google Hangouts and Google Docs, Microsoft Teams and Houseparty. These allow video, document and chat collaboration, and they’re a great way for committees to plan events and engage members in discussion.

You’re probably thinking, “That is great and all, but what events can we actually run on these platforms?” I am glad you asked! There are so many things you can do in an online space to engage those with your particular club interest. Here are just a few of our favourites.


Using one of our friendly video chat options from above, get some questions together and make your own personalised club Kahoot trivia night! If you don’t have the time to make up your own trivia questions, don’t stress. Kahoot has you covered with pre-made trivia questions and categories.

Virtual Hangouts and Games Nights

Miss seeing your club members? Why not just hang out and chat about all the things your club is interested in! Jump on Zoom, open that bottle of wine, and chat with some interesting people. Want to spice the night up a bit? Throw in some games with Houseparty, Psych/Heads Up, Tabletopia or All these websites and apps will let you turn any hangout into a full blown game night!

Watch Parties 

We all love some good Netflix time, so why not have a movie night with your club! There is enough content to suit almost every club’s needs, and the chat feature in Netflix Party lets you discuss the finer notes of the film or share any of those crazy thoughts you have while watching movies.


Scavenger hunts are always a fun time. And as crazy as it is to run all over Newcastle finding things, it can still be just as fun at home with these ideas:

Items Hunt: Create a generic list of items people would find around their home (including more obscure items), and have a point system for what they find. Run this in real time over Zoom, so people don’t run out to the shops!

Word-based Hunt: Create a list of more abstract, specific words and have people find items which relate to them. For the word ‘sunshine’, people could find sunglasses or sunscreen, for ‘win’ they could unearth old trophies, and so on. You could make it themed to each room, so participants are forced to move around.

Colour-coded Hunt: Go from finding items of standard colours (red/blue) to more abstract ones, or make it more complicated by choosing a colour and type of item (‘blue clothing/red food’ for example).

Alphabet Hunt: Participants must find an item for each letter of the alphabet. Use a Scrabble points system for each letter.

Make it even more interesting and add a timed element! You can do this by setting up a Zoom meeting and having the host call out each item/letter/colour. The first to return each time gets a bonus point!



Some events that you want to run might not be free. You might be stressing out, saying, “We are a dance club and just want to dance, but it costs money!” Do not stress! UNSA is here for all your funding requests.

It’s important to make sure you’ve affiliated with UNSA (especially if your club was registered with one of the old associations) first. The staff will be happy to help you organise funding for online events, including packages for activities you may want to send out to your members.

Your club funding does not have to be for physical events at all, especially in these times. So get your request in and get that cash to get your members super engaged!

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