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In the next instalment of her blog, Keighley Bradford looks at the process of completing her major project.

During my undergrad degree, I had the opportunity to produce a major project over the course of two semesters, equating to a 40 unit workload. I remember our tutors telling us how they wanted to structure it very similarly to the postgrad major projects, and to me that prospect was very exciting. But as major project time rolled around, it was obvious that things weren’t going to be quite as we had all wanted or expected.

Now I am completing my Master of Creative Industries, and once again I am working on producing a major project. This one is over the course of three trimesters, also equating to 40 units. When I entered the degree, I hadn’t thought much about what project I wanted to work on (I hadn’t even been planning on continuing my studies until a week or so before). But after chatting with some peers about what I should do, they all encouraged me to continue with my undergrad project, knowing that I didn’t get to quite do what I wanted to with it before. This was my second change to produce the project I originally wanted to do.

Completing a major project within a Master’s degree is a lot different from my Bachelor’s one, and really I like its structure a lot better. The major project courses are very much self-directed, and they have given me a lot more freedom to work on a project close to my heart. The first trimester was the planning stage, where we had weekly meetings to discuss and work out what we were doing. The second trimester was all about having the time to produce the work with regular check ins with the tutor, as well as connecting with industry professionals to help guide our projects in the right direction. And the final trimester is all about reflecting upon process, polishing off the project, and completing an exegesis.

So, what is my major project, you ask? I am independently publishing my debut novel Once We Were, a contemporary romance set in Sydney, Paris and Tuscany. It is centred around the unusual relationship of best friends Bea James and Alex McClay, and what happens when they cross a line that can’t be uncrossed.

If you’re interested and want to learn more, read about the project here.

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