Locals spread the love for World Kindness Day

By Gemma Ferguson. Published November 10, 2020.

World Kindness Day is quickly approaching, with Friday 13 November earmarked for the occasion. Local wellness advocate, Michelle Boundy, is teaming up with Hunter businesses on her Stay Kind Bathers Way 50 Challenge.

She’ll be walking the Merewether Beach to King Edward Park circuit for 50kms – that’s a hell of a trek! It is expected to take Michelle close to 10 hours to complete her mission. Luckily for her, local businesses like Newcastle Hunter and Community Health (NHCH) are joining her for the challenge.

NHCH are helping Michelle promote the importance of kindness on this special occasion, and will also assist in fundraising for the Stay Kind Foundation. Newcastle and Hunter Community Health’s dedicated team of nurses will even be walking part of the 50kms!

Alison McQueen, NHCH Managing Director, says the team are pleased to be part of such a positive project.

“Kindness is an inherent trait for those in the nursing profession and that’s something we really need to celebrate,” Alison said.

“2020 has been a particularly challenging year for those in the healthcare profession and the kindness shown to them by the public has been heart-warming.”

Alison says it is also important to remember to continue practicing kindness, even outside of World Kindness Day.

“Being kind to others is one of the easiest ways to make a difference in someone’s life,” she said.

“A simple smile or a friendly ‘hello’ costs us nothing but can mean the world to those on the receiving end.”

Alison says it’s also important to practice self-love on this occasion, especially since World Kindness Day is at the same time as many of our assessment deadlines!

“We also encourage our team and clients to be kind to themselves. The importance of self-care and making time for activities that improve your health and wellbeing cannot be overstated,” she said.

Michelle and a number of local businesspeople, including the NHCH team, will begin the 50km walk at Bathers Way on World Kindness Day.

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