It’s Halloween, Covid Style

By Tyler Bridges. Published October 30, 2020.

We’re coming into the busy time of year with parties, family gatherings, shopping and a range of group activities, but we need to remember that social distancing and stopping the spread is super important. Since Halloween is the first event of the holiday season, let’s use some virtual and low-risk ideas for this haunted holiday as a trial for the season to come.

Some general ideas for the holiday season can be found in our online piece, Move Your Club Online TODAY, but here are some special party tricks for your next Halloween extravaganza.

Netflix Party

Netflix watch parties have become a fantastic way to watch movies with our friends this year, letting us watch with friends all over the place (especially our poor friends in Victoria). They’re a fantastic idea for your Halloween celebrations as well: while you may be alone watching some spooky films, you aren’t truly alone when your friends are in the chat window giving you a giggle.

Here are our recommendations for some Netflix Party fun for Halloween:

The Babysitter. This one is not even that scary, so it’s the perfect party flick for those who don’t love to be spooked.

In The Tall Grass. This one is a tad unsettling, so not for the groups that are easily spooked.

IT Chapter 2. I personally will be sending some very rude GIFs to any of my friends who suggest this pick, but if you and your mates are crazy people, go ahead and watch it.

Zoom Party 

Jump on Zoom and have a fancy dress party, play some music, grab your own snacks and play some ‘truth or dare’ (just beware of the scary stuff that loves when you play games like this).


Some suggestions for ‘truth’ questions:

What is the latest time you went to sleep during lockdown?

What’s the dumbest thing you said/did in lockdown? (Mine was fall down the stairs and end up on crutches for a week right at the end. Beat that, guys!)

How many Zoom uni lectures did you sleep through during lockdown?


Some dares are no different when you are on Zoom:

Eat a spoonful of cinnamon.

Put tomato sauce on your ice cream and eat it.

Make an embarrassing Tik Tok and post it.

Real Life Parties

Now we can’t go out and get super crazy, but with restrictions at the level they are now, we can have some people over – as long as we keep these COVID-safe. Hosts, please clean your house before people come over and have hand sanitiser ready at the door for guests. Guests (and host) should bring a mask. The other guests may be okay not wearing one, but it is safe, responsible and polite to bring one just in case. Perhaps have some fun with it and make it a Halloween-themed mask.

Keeping low contact is also important, so playing some fun board games, having a dance party or just watching a movie are preferable over the classic ‘7 minutes in heaven’ and ‘spin the bottle’, although we are absolutely distinguished adults who would never dream of playing those games…

No matter what you do to celebrate this year, just make sure you are socially distancing and washing your hands. Almost nothing is scarier than getting COVID.

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