Club Spotlight: UON Writers Club

By Tyler Bridges. Published September 15, 2020.

The UON Writers Club has been around for a few years now, and is known for its writing events (‘Scribblings’) and yearly anthology publication. The club’s aim is to bring together students with a passion for writing, no matter the type – it could be articles, poetry, short stories, novels, or even just uni assessments – to motivate them to write, and build connections between writers who can support one another in reaching their goals.

Scribblings are events where club members come together and write, as well as chat about their writing, for a couple of hours. Sometimes, when it’s hard to get yourself motivated, having a group to help support you is just the thing you need. Scribblings pre-COVID were also an excuse to go out and grab some coffee while you wrote with friends, but now the club meets over Zoom (where you’ll still find most of them having some form of coffee). Join their next event on September 16, and the fortnight after that, and the fortnight after that…

The UON Writers Club 2020 Anthology is taking the form of a magazine this year, and will be available at Callaghan and NUspace for all students and staff. For this year’s anthology, all club members and students are able to submit not only written work but photography and art pieces, to create a magazine that showcases every form of artistic expression at UON.

The UON Writers Club is a great place to meet like-minded people who have a passion for the creative arts and the beauty of the written word, so join today for only $2.

You can follow the club on Facebook and Instagram, or email them at

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