Meet Your Student Representative Council!

If you weren’t aware, UNSA is governed by a Student Representative Council (SRC) made up of 18 student representatives. These are your champions, your collective voice, who represent your interests at various levels according to their role.

SRC members are elected by you, the students, at UNSA’s annual elections in Semester 2 each year.  Your elected representatives for 2020 are:


  • President – Luka Harrison
  • Vice-President Education – Natasha Perrottet
  • Vice President Experience & Engagement – Maximus Claringbould
  • Vice-President Welfare & Wellbeing – Jessica Philbrook
  • International Students’ Senate Convenor – Maulidiyah Jailani Abin Dulah
  • Postgraduate Students’ Senate Convenor – Aaron Matthews
  • Newcastle Campuses Convenor – Corey Dixon
  • Central Coast Campus Convenor – Matthew Knight
  • Cloud Campus Convenor – Alexander Snape
  • Sydney Campus Convenor – Benjamin Goy
  • Port Macquarie Campus Convenor – Stephen Bennett
  • Disability Collective Convenor – Geordan Hart
  • Indigenous Collective Convenor – Ngaire Pakai
  • Queer Collective Convenor – TJ Hay
  • Women’s Collective Convenor – Paris Drinkwater


We’ll very shortly have profile pages for all SRC members here on our website, so you’ll get to learn more about them as humans and what they can do for you as student reps. Stay tuned!


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