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[12:38PM] - 17/3/2023

Life Drawing - Change of location

Tonight’s life drawing class has changed location to Leda Gallery.

2 & 3 850 Hunter Street Newcastle West

[13:04PM] - 15/3/2023

Booked Out - SHAG Week Trivia Night

Thursday night’s Sex Trivia @ The Greenroof is now completely booked out (maximum capacity). Check our events calendar for other events happening throughout the week.

[12:011PM] - 8/3/2023

Important update regarding UNSA Equity Guilds (formerly 'Collectives')

The UNSA Collectives are evolving into a new structure: the UNSA Equity Guilds. The same five equity groups will be represented (Women, Queer, Parents & Carers, Accessibility and First Nations), however a new structure is being developed in consultation with students and stakeholders to ensure that these communities are being effectively advocated for, and to provide safe and inclusive spaces for students looking to connect with their community.
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[12:07PM] - 8/3/2023

Online Trivia event cancelled

Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel our online trivia event for International Women’s Day. To find other events, please check our online events calendar.