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“The truth about Harmony day”

Reclaiming Our Unity: HEARD (Helping Everyone Achieve Respect and Dignity)

Responding to feedback from students and UNSA’s Equity Guilds, UNSA has collaborated with the Wollotuka Institute to create HEARD – an inclusive alternative to Harmony Day.

🗓 WHEN: Tuesday 19 March, 12 midday – 1pm
📍 WHERE: Ourimbah Courtyard

: Wednesday 20 March, 11am-2pm
📍 WHERE: Park on the Hill

If you’re interested in learning more on this topic, please read “The Truth About Harmony Day”, an IndigenousX article written by Luke Pearson:

“Harmony Day is not just a distraction from the work of eliminating racism, it is an active argument against it. It is an acceptance of the Howard Era belief that racism is a thing of the past, and rather than taking stock of our history, assessing our present and recommitting ourselves to eradicating racial discrimination. Instead, Harmony Day posits a world where there is no racism to eradicate, so all we need to do is pat ourselves on the back for being so multicultural and bring in a plate of food to have a nice morning tea – just pay no mind to the Nazis marching down the street, or the police protecting them, or the passage of legislation that breaches human rights and will disproportionately affect Indigenous youth.”

“The Truth About Harmony Day” – click on this link to open the full article

Image from IndigenousX article, “The Truth About Harmony Day”