Shut Up & Write!

Cloud (online), Online Clubhouse

Tue, 27th of Oct

10:00 am


Stuck on that essay or journal article? Want to overcome your writer’s block, beat procrastination and make real progress? Then Shut Up & Write!

Shut Up & Write (SUAW) sessions are communal writing events, where students sit together and work on their respective writing projects while blocking out distractions. Writing in a group is like exercising in a group: it’s easier to stay motivated when there are other people around you doing it as well, and keeping you on task.

Each session is structured according to the Pomodoro technique – a series of 25-minute writing blocks divided by 5-minute breaks – to keep you fresh and focused. The breaks are a great opportunity to chat with other students, share tips and laugh about how long you’ve been putting off this bloody essay.

And SUAW sessions don’t have to be in person: this one is online! That’s right: now you can Shut Up & Write remotely from wherever you like. Write in bed! Wear a teddy bear onesie! Make it festive.

To join the session, click ‘Online Clubhouse’ in the top-right corner of our website, or  click here to join the room directly.




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