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Colour Scramble Logo 3rd of August, 2023, Ourimbah Campus

Colour Scramble 2023 – FAQ

Colour Scramble

📌 The Event

Do I need To Be a Good Runner?

NO! The Colour Scramble is all about a colour-crazy dash with your fellow students and friends. You can run, walk, crawl, jog or cartwheel it if you wish!

What if I’m located in Newcastle?

There is a train that travels from Callaghan to Ourimbah

Is the Colour Scramble Timed?

The colour Scramble is not a timed event. Runners can take their own time to complete the course.

What happens post-race?

Participants will receive their own colour powder to throw at the finish line. Afterwards, you can hang around the main Quad for lunch and other activities.

Can I take photos or film at the event?

YES! The Colour Scramble is a great event to get colourful visuals for your memories or social media. If you want to get shots right during the colour, we recommend covering cameras and phones with cling wrap or placing them in a ziplock bag.

📌 The Course

Where is the course?

The Colour Scramble will follow along the SSAF fitness trail around Ourimbah Campus. The start and finish line will be in the main quad. There will be volunteers along the fitness trail to guide you.

What time does the run start?

11 am – 12 pm

Is the course wheel-chair friendly?

YES! The course follows the SSAF fitness trail so that everyone can enjoy the scramble! There will be two parts of the course, the standard SSAF fitness trail has some “off-road” parts where it could potentially be difficult to traverse, however, there will also be a sealed accessibility track that will start with everyone else, and then deviate from the main course which will be on solid paths entirely. There will be volunteers that can guide you along either track you feel more comfortable on.

Can I bring my scooter or bike?

No, due to safety reasons.

Can I run with my dog?

Unfortunately, no dogs are allowed on campus.

Is water supplied?

We encourage all participants to bring a bottle of water with them to stay hydrated. There is a water refill station out the front of the Health Clinic.

📌 Registration
How do I register?

You can sign up in the UNSA office at either Ourimbah or Callaghan Campus or online at https://unsa.org.au/event/colour-scramble-2023/

What is included with my registration?

Runners will receive a custom-branded “Colour Scramble” shirt and headband you can keep!

Can I register as a non-uon student?

YES! However, as this is an SSAF-funded event, there will be a one-off fee of $15.00. this fee will cover you for Lunch, a colour scramble shirt and a headband. You can either pay from our office or on the day.

Can volunteers and spectators attend the post-race celebration?

Absolutely. We will have the colour powder available on a first come/first serve for everyone. Everyone is then invited to join the colour carnival on the main quad.

📌 The Colour

How is the colour used? Does it hurt?

No, it doesn’t hurt at all. The colour will be thrown at you by a Colour Scramble team volunteer or other race runners. It is like getting into a powdered sugar food fight.

What is the colour made from? Does it stain?

The coloured powder we used is made from cornstarch and natural food dyes. It will wash out of your clothes; however, we suggest you leave your designer gear at home! Only where what you’re willing to get colourful.

Will the colour stain my hair?

The coloured powder does wash out of your hair – however – we do recommend you take precautions if you’re worried. The colour does tend to stick to lighter hair. Oiling your hair before the run will help the colour wash out. If you’re having trouble washing it after the event, bicarbonate of soda and anti-dandruff shampoo will help get the more stubborn colour out! We do not take any responsibility for the additional costs associated with the removal of colour.

Will the colour ruin clothes or running shoes?

The colour does mostly wash out after the event. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better. We suggest wearing items that you wouldn’t mind getting colourful!

How do I preserve those precious colours in my shirt!?

If you would like to preserve the colour in your running shirt, spray it with vinegar, let it dry and then iron it.

Do the “Colour Zones” affect vision or breath?

The Colour Scramble powders are basically food-grade corn starch and are 100% natural and SAFE. As with any substance, you want to keep it out of your eyes and our volunteers will aim as low as possible as you pass by. Some Colour Scramble runners in the past have opted to wear glasses or goggles for their eyes and use a bandana or a mask for their mouths.

How does the colour affect the inside of cars?

Most people bring some towels for the insides of their cars, just in case. It’s like driving home from the swimming pool in your swimsuit.

Are cameras and phones safe to have in the colour zones?

If you want to get shots right during the colour, we recommend covering cameras/phones with glad wrap or placing your phone in a zip-lock bag.