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Events & Activities

Have a great idea for your next club event, but not sure how to make it happen? The below documents will help you with event approvals, funding, and venue bookings.

Event Approval Form (QPay)

Need the green light for your club event? You can find the Event Approval Form here. We are now using QPay to process approvals.

(Note: You'll need to be logged into QPay for this link to work).

UNSA Partner Venues

Looking for somewhere off-campus to host your next club event? We've partnered with several venues which will be happy host your next club event.

Equipment Hire - Agreement Form

Before hiring UNSA equipment for your next club event, please indicate that you've read these Terms & Conditions.

EOY Ball Planning

Planning to end the year with a bang? We've put together this helpful spreadsheet to help you plan and budget for your club's annual Ball.

Risk Assessment Examples

This document lists some Risk Assessment examples to consider for your next club event.