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Newcastle University Armwrestling Club (NUAC)

Have you always wanted to beat your dad at an armwrestle? Do you want to win beers at the pub by beating your mates? Do you want to come and have banter and make some awesome friends? Then you need to come check out the armwrestling club!

Everyone is always surprised just how much technique is in armwrestling. It’s what allows you to beat someone much bigger than you. Way back in 2015 before I wasn’t even into armwrestling I was able to beat a friend of mine weighing 110kg when I was over 30kg lighter. At the club we have people weighing anywhere from 50-100kg. This is a new club so it means everyone is a beginner.

In an armwrestling match, often times the opponents might slip out of each other’s hands. When this happens a strap is applied to secure their hands together. Armwrestling is the only sport in the world where you can look at another guy, say ‘let’s go and get the strap on’ and it’s completely normal.

We run a weekly training session in the clubhouse under Bar on the Hill on Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30pm! Club competitions are held once per semester and these are split into weight and sex categories. There are trophies and medals on the line for the top placings in each division! Besides this we’ll hold supermatches roughly once a month. This is where you pick an opponent you’d like to verse and you face off in a best of 5 match.
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