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Bachelor of Biomedical Science Society (BoBss)

Welcome to BoBss, a space for all Biomedical Science students to feel connected to our degree and each other! We exist as a club for Biomed students of all years to come together and socialise and to help each other through the trials of studying.

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science Students, or BoBss, is a club for Biomed students from all year groups – first years to honours – to come together as part of something bigger than a degree. The club stands for friendship, honesty, integrity, and awareness. We aim to develop relationships throughout the different year groups by hosting social events and study groups.

We also want to encourage future Biomedical Science students to feel excited in studying this degree by showing them what it’s like to be involved in the sciences, and by informing them on what opportunities Biomedical Science can bring. We hope to encourage the feeling of being a part of something more than just a degree in your time here at UON.

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