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Clubs Week FAQ

What is Clubs Week?
A special week in the middle of the semester to showcase our awesome UNSA clubs. While this happens extensively during Welcome Week and Orientation, this week grants another opportunity for students to see what groups on campus they can be apart of. Especially the 2nd year students and above who may have missed the welcome week expos.

When and where will Clubs Week Expo take place?
The clubs week expo will take place on Wednesday the 15th of May from 11:30am-2pm. You’ll find it alongside the UNSA free BBQ at Park on the Hill.

What can I expect at Clubs Week & Expo?
Come hungry for a free BBQ lunch provided by UNSA 20+ clubs eagerly showcasing themselves, offering everything from tantalizing snacks and desserts, to refreshing drinks and lollies. As you enjoy your food, you’ll have the chance to mingle with fellow students, chat with club representatives, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of campus life. Whether you’re looking to join an existing club or itching to start one of your own, you’ll find all the resources and support you need to turn your ideas into reality.

Is there a cost to attend?
No cost to attend the Expo.

Will there be free food available?
Yes, as usual you can help yourself to the FREE UNSA BBQ that will be running alongside.
On top of this there will be clubs handing out free snacks, lollies, hot drinks and more.

Can I join multiple clubs?
You can join as many clubs as you like.

How many clubs will be participating?
Expect to see at least 20 clubs at the expo.

What types of clubs will be present?
There will be a huge range of clubs at the clubs week expo, covering categories such as:
–          “Social Justice & Politics” ,
–          “Faith & Spirituality”,
–          “Sports, Hobbies & Gaming”
–          “Academia & Faculty”  
–          “Culture & Language”

How can I contact a specific club after the event?
You can message them on their socials or find other contact information through their club page on the UNSA website (unsa.org.au/clubs)

Can I join a club if I am a staff member?
Absolutely you can.

Is this event fully accessible?
Yes, as the event is on Park on the Hill it is fully accessible.

What is the Clubs World Cup?
It’s a 5 a side mixed futsal tournament being hosted at Park on the Hill on the 17th of May. There will be 8 teams representing different parts of the globe with our UNSA cultural clubs acting as the team managers.

I’m not a soccer pro, can I still participate?
Of course, the Clubs World Cup is there for anyone to have a crack, have some fun and meet new people.

Is there a cost to attend?
There is no cost to either playing or attending the Clubs World Cup.

Which clubs will be competing in the World Cup?
The Teams (clubs) that you will be able to join include:

  1. France (French Club)
  2. Sri Lanka (NUSLA)
  3. Vietnam (VSUN)
  4. Pacific Islands (PiSA)
  5. India (ISANU)
  6. Latin America (LADAS)
  7. Malaysia (MUNSA)
  8. UON United Nations (NUSEC)

The last team is for any student wanting to play who isn’t connected to one of the competing clubs or represented culturally.

Can I bring my non-student friend?
Of course, the more the merrier!

Is this event fully accessible?
Yes, as the event is on Park on the Hill it is fully accessible.