Clubs & Societies

Clubs are here!

It’s official: UNSA is now accepting applications for student club and society affiliation!

Clubs are the heart of the UON student community, and they’re a brilliant way to make new friends and build connections – by doing things you love! All it takes to form a club is a great idea (like an eggshell-painting club; you can have that one for free) and ten students who want to start it together.

From there, you can fill out a Clubs/Society Affiliation Form (see below) and submit it to us at for consideration (after completing an online Generation Governance course). Once your application is approved, we’ll help you set up a bank account for any funding you receive, and you’re good to go!

As an UNSA-affiliated club, you can apply for funding for your events by filling out a Club Funding Request Form (see below), but funding isn’t the only thing we can provide for you. We can also promote your club and its activities through our website, social media and mailing list, and give you advice on anything from sourcing a caterer to running a meeting. Just let us know what you need!

Clubs should also have a Constitution that outlines the way they operate (to keep things on an even keel); we’ve also put together a Club/Society Constitution Template that you can use to get started, if you wish. (Or, if you want to be really meta about it, you could form a Constitution-writing club and make it your first activity!)

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions will be added here over time.


I want to start running club events on campus, but apparently there’s a deadly virus on the loose!

It’s true – as well as bankrupting entire countries and endangering millions of lives, COVID-19 has thoroughly messed up everyone’s social plans. But necessity is the mother of invention, and there’s never been a better time to take your club online!

While it’s not as easy for some activities as it is for others, there’s no reason you and your members can’t jump into a Facebook group or a WhatsApp chat or Google Hangout (or whatever hip new platform everyone’s using tomorrow) and socialise in a digital space.

It may not be entirely what you imagined for your club, but until it becomes safe for groups to gather in close proximity, online activities are still a great way to keep in touch and maintain club unity.

Interestingly, there has never been (to our knowledge) an all-digital club formed at UON primarily for online students, even though it’s entirely permissible and would be an extremely awesome idea. Just saying.


I have a great idea for a new club, but I haven’t quite got ten people yet! How can I find more to get it started?

Just ask! We have a website, mailing list and social media platforms that reach more and more students every week, and we’re happy to put a call out for students who are interested in your idea. There might be hundreds of students out there who are just as passionate about merkin weaving as you are – actually, maybe not that one – and would love to start a club with you.

Just give us a preferred contact method, and we’ll direct them your way.


I have ten students ready to sign our club affiliation form, but how do we do that if we can’t meet in person!

Ordinarily, it’s important to capture signatures from your founding members so they can be verified, but these are extraordinary times we’re living in.

If you can’t get ten physical signatures, you can always send the form to your members as a PDF and have them sign digitally (both Preview for Mac and Abode Acrobat for PC are free apps that allow you to do this), or, failing that, just submit your form without the signatures you can’t capture. We’ll understand.

Next year, we’ll have a much friendlier system for signing up club members (but we can’t talk about that yet, shhh). For now, though, our number one priority is getting you all set up as clubs to socialise and do fun stuff, and we’re happy to negate some of the usual barriers to that if they’re causing great difficulty.

My club was affiliated with NUSA/NUPSA/Yourimbah. Does that mean we’re now automatically affiliated with UNSA?

Alas, no. UNSA is a brand new student association (and not a ‘merger’ of NUSA, NUPSA and Yourimbah), so none of their previous clubs have any relationship with us by default.

We hate to see poor orphaned clubs out in the cold, though, so send us your Club Affiliation Form – it should be easy if you already have a group of members in communication – and we’ll get you signed up and supported again tout suite.




The University has now released a series of safety guidelines for student clubs that would like to run on-campus events.

  • At this time only University staff and students should be on campus. Any visitors should join the activity by zoom or a similar online platform.
  • Club members must not come onto campus if they are unwell. We recommend that you confirm with each participant as they arrive that they are not feeling unwell. If anyone becomes unwell during your meeting, they should be sent home immediately.
  • Attendance must not exceed the published room capacity. Wherever possible, 1.5 metres of physical distancing is to be maintained at all times. Seated groups should be separated by 1-2 empty seats on both sides.
  • Outdoor events are only permitted where they are seated and all attendees register beforehand. These gatherings are limited to 20 people maximum.
  • Meetings or gatherings should not be longer than 1 hour 45 minutes, including arrival, preparation and packdown times.
  • Equipment should be sanitised between uses, and participants encouraged to practice good hygiene including the use of sanitisers and regular hand washing.
  • If catering is provided it must be single-serve pre-packed items with disposable napkins and cutlery. Shared plates are not permitted.
  • The organiser must record the name and mobile number or email for each person in attendance. This record should be securely stored and available for at least 28 days after the event.

It is important that our students, staff and community follow the advice of NSW Health and the University. As this is a developing situation, advice can change, and it is recommended that you regularly check the latest information on the UON COVID safety web page: