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Please remember
only current University of Newcastle students are voting members.

Your Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) is the first meeting you will ever have. It will help a club to bring together new members, elect an Executive Committee, vote on its Constitution and set goals for the year.

Your Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held once per year, and all members of the club must be invited. This is where the Annual Report will be presented, which will assist in a smooth handover to new Executives.

Before an IGM or AGM:
  1. Send out notice for an IGM or AGM at least two weeks in advance – notice must be sent to UNSA and your club members and should include the agenda for the meeting (see our templates)
  2. Look at offering catering/free food – this will boost attendance and will be a great way to socialise after the meeting. You can apply for this using our Funding Application form!
  3. Have a sign in sheet (to ensure you reach quorum to make any votes legitimate), and ensure that you have one dedicated Executive member to record the minutes (generally the Secretary).

Remember, UNSA can help you find and book a place on campus for you to hold your IGM or AGM!

At least 15 general members or 30% of members (whichever is lower) and 75% of the Executive Committee must be present to reach quorum – which must be met for your club to vote on anything.

If you have not reached quorum for your AGM by 30 minutes into the scheduled meeting time, the meeting must be adjourned for one week. At the subsequent meeting, if quorum is not met again, the members present will be considered enough to proceed with the business of the meeting.

You can still have a meeting without quorum (unless it’s an AGM or IGM), but no major voting decisions can be made.

General Meetings are called to discuss general business, allow members to vote on issues, and provide an update on the running of the club. At least 15 general members or 30% of members (whichever is lower) and 75% of the Executive Committee must be present to reach quorum. A club must give both UNSA and its members at least one weeks’ notice before a general meeting. Notice must include an agenda for the meeting and any accompanying documents to be presented.

Executive meetings are meetings of the Executive members only, and are held for the purposes of planning for the club, reviewing how things have been going throughout the year, and making decisions on behalf of the club. At least 50% of the Executive must be present to reach quorum.

During and after an IGM or AGM:


  1. Agree on the clubs aims and objectives
  2. Elect an Executive Committee
  3. Agree on constitution
  4. Decide on membership fee and discuss the bank account (who will be the signatories)
  5. Discuss the clubs events and activities for the year
  6. Record meeting minutes, and send them to club members (and UNSA) within 14 days

Click below for templates.

Click below to read the full chapter in the guidelines.