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Now we’ve made it to the fun part and what clubs are all about: events!

Before an event, you will need to complete a Club Event Approval Form and submit it to both UNSA ( and the University’s COVID-19 Health and Safety team ( for approval with at least three weeks’ notice. Our bookkeeping can only be done fortnightly so we need enough time to transfer you the funds.

Without event approval from UNSA, your event will not be insured… eek! If you are organising smaller, regular events – such as a weekly catchup – these can all be approved in a single form.  If the events are the same, approval for one is approval for all.


Food Safety Plan.  If you are preparing food yourself (rather than employing a caterer), please fill out a Food Safety Plan and submit this with your application for approval. This plan will ensure that there are no additional risks to your event due to food handling.

COVID food course. While it is no longer mandatory to do this course, we recommend to appoint one or two people to serve food. Those serving food can either do a COVID Food Course or read through the following two links:


Plans for larger events, or events held off campus, must be submitted with a lot more notice, as some larger on-campus venues have a longer booking process.

 If you wish to book a lecture theatre, room or a larger venue space on campus, please specify this in your application and be as specific as possible on the form. This is so we can give the University all the information we need to make sure your event runs smoothly.

If you would like furniture to be provided for your event and arranged a certain way (e.g 10 round tables with 8 chairs), please illustrate this on the appropriate floor plan template (see templates below).

Don’t forget to specify any audio/visual equipment requirements you have as well.

After your event has taken place, please fill out the Club Event Report Form within 14 days and send this through to, along with all receipts for the event.

Click below for templates.

Click below to read the full chapter in the guidelines.