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Dissolution means your club stops operating. Naturally, a club can no longer be affiliated with UNSA once dissolved. A club will be dissolved if any of the following occur:


  • At least 75% of club members pass a motion to dissolve the club at a General or Extraordinary General Meeting, and notify UNSA with the meeting minutes for this decision 
  • The club endures natural attrition by failing to host the AGM, and failing to appoint Executives for the new year  
  • The club has not been financially or administratively active for 90 days. Examples of financial and administrative activity include requesting funding, emailing members, updating your Portal or Facebook page, or hosting an event.

There are different ways for a club to become disaffiliated with UNSA. This does not mean that the club cannot exist anymore, just that it will no longer be affiliated with or receive support from UNSA. Clubs can also be disaffiliated if any of the points in the dissolution paragraph apply. A club will be disaffiliated if:
  • The club has been found by the UNSA Executive or the Clubs Support Officer to have conducted itself in a manner not becoming of an affiliated club, including:
    • Breaching Australian law
    • Breaching University or UNSA policies
    • Misusing funding
    • Deliberately misrepresenting the activities of the club
    • Actively discouraging students from joining
    • Interfering with UNSA administrative processes
    • Engaging in fraudulent behaviour
    • Persistently failing to provide relevant information to UNSA
    • The Executive Committee no longer contains any current University of Newcastle students.

UNSA has total discretion over the decision to disaffiliate a club. UNSA will never disaffiliate a club without notice or reason, and will always communicate with convenors via the contact details provided before dissolving a club.   
On dissolution, all surplus funds, cash, property, and assets must be transferred back to UNSA within 28 days. If the club has raised funds themselves through membership fees or fundraisers, the club may vote at a General Meeting to transfer the surplus funds to an eligible charity. However, all SSAF-provided funding must be transferred back to UNSA.