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  • Communicate with club members through the UNSA website! More informal club communication can be done through channels, such as email, Facebook groups, or Messenger

  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of your members

  • Make sure that all membership and Executive details are kept up-to-date in the Clubs Directory

  • Have regular communication with UNSA

  • Use social media to promote your club

  • Respect copyright, fair use and intellectual property

  • Communicate in a way free from discrimination, bullying or harassment

  • Create your own logo and club banner

  • Use the UNSA logo in your marketing, and use UNSA’s social media and communication channels to promote your club


  • Use social media in a way that brings UNSA, the club or the university into disrepute

  • Use social media to create, promote, endorse, or share defamatory or derogatory material

  • Use the University’s logo in any marketing or promotions without permission


The UNSA Website and Clubs Directory will be the primary avenue of communication between your club, club members and UNSA. It is important that (at the least) your president and secretary have access to the UNSA website and therefore access to your clubs page, which you are in charge of managing (so get as creative as you wish!).

 It is essential that you have your members sign up to your club’s page on the UNSA website, so that UNSA has an accurate indication of club membership.

Remember to communicate respectfully with other club members, students and UNSA staff, whether you are communicating in person, or through email or social media.

Make sure you cc on all communications with the University.


There are many ways to promote the events and activities of your Club/Society. Remember that the best promotion for your club is fun, visible events that are open for everyone to attend and enjoy.

Ways to promote your club include:

  • O-Week – this is where you will get the most exposure and sign-ups! Make sure you plan this in advance. Be creative to make your stall stand out! Remember that UNSA can help with printing signs and pamphlets, and even help organise a banner or flag – just make sure you give us plenty of notice. We can also help with general stall ideas!! Please keep in mind that UNSA has a strict no roving policy.
  • Classroom promotions – you can approach lecturers to speak before the lesson, or have a slide at the end of the class
  • Posters – there are posterboards across campus, in the Shortland Building, Bar on the Hill, and outside the Auchmuty Library. Just remember to be polite!
  • Social media – create your own Facebook or Instagram page to communicate with club members and the wider community! You can also ask UNSA to promote your event through our social media channels.
  • BBQ – help host one of our weekly barbecues. Is there any better way to get talking to people about your club all whilst handing out free food?? We don’t think so!

UNSA is happy to help promote your club and its activities, so just reach out! A few ways we can help with promotions include:

  • Our social media platforms and targeted mailing list
  • Our student publication, Opus Magazine
  • Printing for posters, flyers and other paper documents (A4 or A3) at our Callaghan or Ourimbah offices
  • Our in-house graphic designer, who can produce logos or design elements for your club
  • The UNSA website, through which you can advertise and promote your events to all UNSA website users, and other student clubs
We can also put you in touch with other clubs that you may want to collaborate with for an event!


Click below to read the full chapter in the guidelines.