UNSA is the University of Newcastle Students’ Association – a SSAF-funded, not-for-profit organisation that supports and advocates for all students at UON. We’re here to ensure you have the best possible experience during your studies, make loads of friends, learn valuable skills and are well supported academically.

How do we do this? Read on!

Student representation and advocacy

Every day, at a university, state and federal level, meetings are held and decisions made that affect your student experience. UNSA is host to the University’s Student Representative Council (SRC), the peak representative body for students, whose members are either a part of these discussions or called upon to respond to them. They are your voice, speaking out on your behalf and raising relevant concerns.

If you become aware of any issues that adversely affect UON students, then, reach out to us.

Student workshops, activities and events

On a more fun note, we run a ton of skills-based workshops, activities and social events for students. And not just at Callaghan; we run events at satellite campuses (such as NUspace and Ourimbah) and online!

Studying at university is not just about getting a degree. It’s about making new social connections, learning new skills, exploring a new culture (if you’re new to Newcastle) and feeling like you’re part of a community. A work/life balance is critical: never give up the things you enjoy doing, your hobbies and passions. Go to an art class. Go to a movie night. Try new things. Meet a variety of new people.

You’ll have a lot more fun, feel a lot more human and (according to several studies) have all the right people skills to impress an employer.

Student clubs and societies

If you really want to embrace a sense of community while studying here, join a student club! (Or a dozen!) There are clubs for almost everything on campus, from anime to diving to medieval reenactment; they’re an excellent way to make new friends, particularly those with whom you share a common interest.

UNSA provides support to numerous student clubs at UON. We provide funding for club activities, help with logistics (room bookings, governance, etc.) and promote club activities through our website, social media and mailing list.

If you’ve looked through our Clubs Directory and still can’t find the perfect club for you, why not start one? It’s a simple process, and we’ll walk you through it. We’ll even help you put a call out for other students who want to join! Check out our Clubs page for more info.

Student support and advice

State- and nation-wide advocacy is one thing, but what if you have an issue that’s far more personal? Food or housing insecurity, for example. Or stress, anxiety or depression. Conflict on campus, or at home. Or something you’ve received from the University, such as a letter of Show Cause, or an accusation of Academic Misconduct.

There are a wealth of student support services you can lean on at UON – from Counselling to Careers, Accessibility, Academic Learning Support, the Office of Student Advocacy, the UON Library, the Chaplaincy, UON Global and Graduate Research, to name just a few – and we are well acquainted with all of them. If we don’t have the answer to your question, or all the information you’re looking for, we can definitely help you connect with the people who do.

And if you just want to know how to find your classroom in the Hunter Building, that’s totally fine as well. That place is haunted. Each night, the corridors rearrange themselves.

And we do even more! From free food on campus to equipment hire, discounted training courses, sporting/gym facilities and Opus magazine, UNSA is a kraken with many tentacles.

More info

If you’d like to get under the hood and learn more about the way we operate, our UNSA Constitution and SRC Terms of Reference are documents well worth reading.