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Vice President Wellbeing & Welfare


The Vice-President (Wellbeing & Welfare) leads a portfolio that identifies and organises a range of services and activities around student welfare, to ensure students feel safe, supported, and part of a community while studying at the University of Newcastle.

The VP (Wellbeing & Welfare) represents student interests to create change on relevant welfare, wellbeing, and equity issues, develops and oversees a range of well-designed wellbeing and welfare services, and ensures the Wellbeing & Welfare Committee supports the needs of students at the University.

In addition to the overarching functions of the Wellbeing & Welfare committee, it is the responsibility of the VP (Wellbeing & Welfare) to lead the Committee representatives and support them in their activities to ensure they can, and are, serving the membership of their cohort.

The VP (Wellbeing & Welfare) works closely with the President, UNSA staff, particularly the General Manager, and the other members of the Executive to achieve these responsibilities.


Ruby Walker

Hello friends! I’m Ruby, this year's Vice-President Wellbeing & Welfare. In my role, I’m all about supporting you, the students, in trying to live healthy and happy!

For the year ahead, I want to help students to take full advantage of what is on offer from UNSA. You want free stuff? How about some food, condoms and period products?

I’m talking quality workshops, bulk educational resources and bulk support. If it’s offered, I want to make sure you know and can get amongst it!

Likewise, I also am here to expand and improve what resources are available. If there is something you want to see, be it products, programs, events or initiatives, LET ME KNOW! Gimme all the ideas to make y’all student lives more bearable.
Outside of UNSA, I am studying my second year of Environmental Science and Management! Beyond my degree, I am still a fiend for the environment. I love a good nature adventure, solo or with pals, and I absolutely rate birdwatching; Hunter Wetland Centre is where its at.

A fun fact about me, not environment related, is that spooky season is my favourite time of year. Love me a haunting, tarot reading and a fright!