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University of Newcastle Council Student Representative


The University of Newcastle Council is the University’s most senior decision-making body, responsible for the oversight, management, and development of strategic plans and key policies. The Council monitors the overall performance and accountability of the organisation and is subject to standards or corporate governance. You can read more about the University Council on the  University of Newcastle Website.

The Student Representative acts as a channel of communication between the UNSA Student Representative Council and the University Council, liaising, consulting, and collaborating with relevant staff and stakeholders at the University. The Student Representative also advises on matters referred by the University management and University Council. 

The University of Newcastle Council Student Representative is an ex officio member, elected by all students at the university. Ex officio members of the Student Council can move and discuss motions, but they do not have voting power.

Lucas Dowling

Hi, my name’s Lucas Dowling. I’m a third-year Bachelor of Laws/Arts student and the elected Student Representative on the University Council, and an ex officio member of the UNSA Student Representative Council. 

The University Council operates at the apex of the University structure and is responsible for the University’s strategic direction and key policies. My goal in serving the students at the University is to promote student participation in governance, particularly in the election process, feedback and output to the University Council, and the handover process between elected members within the University structure.

I’m also the Club Convenor for the University of Newcastle Poker Club. Our goals for the club are to assist with the reinvigoration of our campuses and serve our students and communities by providing fun and inclusive poker events, whilst promoting local charities through events such as Charity Trivia Nights and Paint and Sip Nights. So, if you’re interested in grassroots clubs focused on giving back to the community, get in contact with us!

When not at uni, I like to play doubles tennis with my sister and paint (to varying degrees of success), particularly landscapes, though hopefully I can produce a recognisable portrait at some point. Failing all else, I enjoy a good book and am currently reading Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit. I’m looking for book recommendations, so please let me know!

I’m looking forward to a year serving the students at the University of Newcastle. I hope to assist UNSA and the University in reinvigorating our campuses after a year disrupted by COVID-19, whilst simultaneously providing an effective and holistic representation of the students on the University Council.