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The Campus Convenor coordinates a Campus Committee, an assembly that identifies and represents the views, interests and needs of UON students studying at that location.

The Campus Convenor role drives the identification of issues that affect the education, educational and out-of-class experiences of students relevant to their location, and ensures the Campus Committee genuinely captures and represents the student voice of those students.

The Convenor will lead campaigns on all relevant issues and support the advocacy of the campus students and their issues.

The Campus Convenor on the UNSA SRC and works closely with the President and other members of the Executive as well as UNSA staff to achieve all these responsibilities.


Ben Goy

Hi guys! I’m Ben Goy and I’m the Sydney Campus Convenor at UNSA. As the campus convenor, I’m here to help represent UON Sydney campus students’ views and needs. My hope is to make life at the Sydney Campus more enjoyable for students by giving the student body a voice and transforming the campus into a place you’d want to hang out with your friends outside of lectures. My main goal is to get students excited about studying at UON.

A bit about me: I’m a Master of Professional Accounting student and in my second and final year of study. When I’m not in lectures, I enjoy spending time at the gym, having a cheeky beer or two, and being active outdoors.