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The Academic Senate is responsible for protecting, promoting, and enhancing academic standards and quality at the University, and advises the University Council on core academic activities including teaching, learning, and research. The Student Representative of the Academic Senate will act as a channel of communication between UNSA and the University’s Academic Senate, advising on issues affecting the education and academics of students.

The Student Representative of the Academic Senate is an ex officio member, elected by and from the student members of the Academic Senate. Ex officio members of the Student Council can move and discuss motions, but they do not have voting power. 

Evan Gibbs


Hi, my name’s Evan Gibbs. I’m a second-year PhD candidate and the elected Postgraduate Student Representative for Research on the Academic Senate, Research Committee, Institutional Biosafety Committee, and an ex officio member of the UNSA Student Representative Council.

My areas of research can be broadly lumped under the umbrella of synthetic biology. My research focuses on the construction of molecular tools that facilitate holistic determination of metabolic pathway optimisation via next generation sequencing techniques. This will lead to systems of small chemical overproduction that can replace the need for fossil fuel derived chemicals. 

Outside of university commitments, I am an avid homebrewer and cyclist, which surprisingly do work well together – if you cycle first!