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The Representative will act as a channel of communication between UNSA and students living in Student Accommodation, providing feedback on matters affecting education and academics, experience and engagement, and welfare and wellbeing of students in the residences.

The Student Accommodation Representative is an ex officio member, elected by and from the student members of the Residential Associations. Ex officio members of the Student Council can move and discuss motions, but they do not have voting power.

Miriam Woof

Hi! My name is Miriam Woof, and I am your Student Accommodation Representative. In this role I excel to liaise with students living on campus to make their experience more enjoyable while living away from home.

My role involves advocating for on-campus students within the wider university community. I am studying a Bachelor of Education (secondary)/ Diploma of languages and I'm in 3rd year. I love books and I love musical theatre (particularly singing) so if you ever wanna talk to me about that, please do! 

Lastly, if you ever need to talk to me about anything on college related, don't hesitate to reach out!