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The Postgraduate Convenor leads the Postgraduate Students’ Senate, an assembly that represents the views, interests and needs of all postgraduate students at UON.

The Postgraduate Convenor role drives the identification of issues that affect the education, educational and extra-curricular experiences of postgraduate students. The Convenor also ensures the Senate genuinely captures and represents the student voice of all postgraduate students at UON.

The Convenor will lead campaigns on all relevant issues and support the advocacy of postgraduate students and their issues. In addition to the overarching functions of the Senate, it is the Convenor’s responsibility to monitor and support the representatives to the Senate.

The Postgraduate Convenor works closely with the President, UNSA staff, and the other members of the Executive to achieve all these responsibilities.


The University will soon be running elections for this position. Stay tuned for more details, which will be released on our social media and through our mailing list!

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