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The Cloud Campus Committee Convenor coordinates the Campus Committee, an assembly that identifies and represents the views, interests, and needs of university students enrolled in a program of study delivered one hundred percent online. 

The Campus Convenor drives the identification of issues that affect the education, educational and extra-curricular experiences of students relevant to their location and ensures the Campus Committee genuinely captures and represents the voice of those students.

The Campus Convenor leads campaigns on all relevant issues and supports the advocacy of all online students and their concerns. 

The Cloud Campus Committee Convenor sits on the UNSA SRC and works closely with the President, UNSA staff, and the other members of the Executive to achieve these responsibilities.

Rachel McGuinness


Hello, my name is Rachel McGuinness, UNSA Cloud Campus Committee Convenor for 2021. With Cloud Committee, our overall objective is to be a collaborative, communicative, diverse, and equal representation of the University of Newcastle’s online environment within UNSA.

My goals are to be an active member for online students, collaborating with the University of Newcastle and UNSA committees to give voice to online students who connect far and wide through the Cloud environment. 

When we think ‘university experience,’ it is often on-campus that first comes to mind. However, with the expansion to online learning, many students range from local but seeking flexibility, to nationally spread in cities, rural, or remote, to international. 

Cloud learning is flexible, highly deliverable, and successful. My goal is to make it collaborative with campus environments, associations, and committees; to extend online learning to fully experience student life, online as well as on-campus. 

What I can offer is experience with the University of Newcastle:

  • Undergraduate through to postgraduate with most of my study delivered online. 
  • 14+ years involvement with the University.
  • 2020 UNSA Central Coast Postgraduate Representative.
  • 2020 Central Coast Committee Member.

Know, my door is always open 😊.
Online, we can join into university life and be a part of the whole!