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The Academic Senate is responsible for protecting, promoting, and enhancing academic standards and quality at the University, and advises the University Council on core academic activities including teaching, learning, and research. The Student Representative of the Academic Senate will act as a channel of communication between UNSA and the University’s Academic Senate, advising on issues affecting the education and academics of students.

The Student Representative of the Academic Senate is an ex officio member, elected by and from the student members of the Academic Senate. Ex officio members of the Student Council can move and discuss motions, but they do not have voting power. 


Nivya Abraham

Hi everyone, my name is Nivya Abraham. I am studying Bachelor of Social Work & I am the Academic Senate Student Representative on the University of Newcastle Students' Associaion (UNSA) Student Representative Council (SRC).

I am very grateful to have this position and I would like to make sure that the voice of students is heard when it comes to academics and their wellbeing. I will be seen ususally at Callaghan campus as I study Social Work. I am quite interested in fitness as well and so you might also find me in the gym of an evening. I realise that my responsibility is to advise and recommend UNSA Board matters of education and experience of students. I assure that I will try my best to put forward the opinions of everyone and try to accomplish my responsibilities.