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The Newcastle Campuses Committee Convenor coordinates the Campus Committee, an assembly that identifies and represents the views, interests, and needs of university students studying at the Callaghan and Newcastle City campuses. The Campus Convenor drives the identification of issues that affect the education, educational and extra-curricular experiences of students relevant to their location and ensures the Campus Committee genuinely captures and represents the voice of those students. The Campus Convenor leads campaigns on all relevant issues and supports the advocacy of Callaghan and Newcastle City students and their concerns.  The Newcastle Campuses Committee Convenor sits on the UNSA SRC and works closely with the President, UNSA staff, and the other members of the Executive to achieve these responsibilities.


Samuel Cox

G’day! I’m Sam, and I’m the Newcastle Campuses Convenor for 2022. I’m very excited - and very slightly nervous - to be representing all 26,000 of you this year. It’s incredibly important that the student voice at Newcastle is heard loud and clear, and that’s what I hope to achieve for you, the student body.

After all the studying from home last year, I’m very keen to work with UNSA to deliver as many live events as possible this year. I'm also very keen to make sure Newcastle University has the best facilities for students to study. Often I’ll be seen around the NUspace building in the city, since I’m studying a Bachelor of Laws, but I’ll be making my way around Callaghan as well. When my hair isn’t going grey from studying I enjoy taking my drone around the Hunter Valley and getting some cool shots. So, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas that you’d like speak to UNSA about (or if you want to nerd out about drones), please get in touch with me! I’d be very keen to hear from you.

I was told that I needed to put a fun fact about myself here so how about this one: I’ve never watched or read anything from the Harry Potter franchise. For some reason that shocks a lot of people.

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