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The Accessibility & Equity Collective


As the Convenor, my role is to oversee and organise the Accessibility and Equity Collective. The A&E Collective is a group for students living with mental illness, a learning disorder, hard of hearing, braille user, chronic pain, mobility issues, neurodivergence, or who have lived experience in any of these areas. You do not need a diagnosis to be involved or a part of this group. We promote empowerment for our members through community building, education, and transparency. Intersectional experiences are all welcome and we are LGBTQ+ friendly.



Jennifer Lowe

My name is Jen (they/she). I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Science, and I love chemistry. It, to my little mind, is the most remarkable thing. I enjoy the discovery, the puzzle-solving and the potential that things can blow up at any moment. I am also diagnosed with ASD, dyslexia, OCD and ADHD, which doesn't make chemistry any easier - but I work with it. 

Some of my goals for this year include establishing the A&E to be a place that not only connects people together, but empowers them with understanding and ways to express themselves so we can all grow together. I am proud of my position and I am proud of the people I already work alongside. I hope to establish more accessible systems and tools for my community in the future. 

I am currently on the institutional EDI committee as a student representative, the EDI Community of Practice, the National Student with Disability Network and various working groups.


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