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What degree are you undertaking? 
I’m studying a combined Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

What made you want to run in the 2022 UNSA election? 

We’ve all seen the divisive nature of representatives’ and previous candidates’ alleged association or membership with political parties and how damaging that can be for the overall morale of our university experience, and so I decided to run to provide an alternative, independent choice to students!

What about the position you applied for appealed to you? 
For me, the position of President seemed like a natural choice as it would allow me to focus my energy on ensuring the overall bettering of UNSA and student’s experiences rather than focusing on one particular area. I feel that I can have the best possible impact in the role of President for that reason.

Why do you think it’s important for students to get involved in leadership roles, societies and clubs, and engagement events?
Everyone should get involved with societies, clubs, events, and run for leadership roles whenever possible! These opportunities not only build positive relationships and create a better culture for all students, but they also allow students to grow and refine essential skills that will be beneficial later in life.

Who is a leader you admire and why?
The current leader I admire most is (soon-to-be former) German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. I admire her for her political tenacity, her ability to govern effectively and efficiently during crises, her stable, fact-based, and well researched approach to policy decisions, and lastly, for her sense of duty and responsibility to her work. I think every leader should aspire to follow her example. 

How do you manage conflicts or deal with problems?
When faced with a problem, I try to approach it by finding the cause of the problem and working out the most efficient solution, and the solution that will have the most mutually beneficial outcome for everyone. This way, all problems I face can be dealt with quickly so I can move on to the next problem! If elected President, I will bring that same approach to any problem I face at UNSA!

What are your interests at university and outside of university that make you a great candidate? 
At university, I’ve participated in the Newcastle Law School’s mooting competition, reaching the quarter finals. I’ve been a member of several clubs previously, including BusCom, the UoN Filipino Society, and the UNLSA! Being a member of these clubs and engaging with them, as well as serving on the Newcastle Campus Committee, has allowed me to truly appreciate our University culture and find ways of how it can be improved! However, outside of university (when lockdown isn’t a thing) you’ll find me at any café or restaurant in Newcastle—or on campus—spending time with my friends, reading a mystery novel by MC Beaton, playing social tennis, or visiting my fantastic injector for a bit of Botox!

What’s one issue you would bring to light, or one student engagement activity you would pitch, as a student leader?
An important issue that I think that needs to be actively addressed is the lack of culture on campus! For too long our university campuses have been where students come and go when they need for classes, tutorials, and so on, and not a place where students want to be because they enjoy being there! I want to advocate for and hold events throughout the year that draw students to campus and increase our university culture for all students—not just those that are in the know. Our university experience can be more than turning up to class and obtaining a degree. With a bit of active investment, our university experience can be fun! The possibilities are endless!

What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?
If I could tell my younger self something, I would probably say to not worry so much, to take life how it comes, and to enjoy it because it passes by quicker than you think! Or I’d tell myself to get a haircut because hair grows quicker than you think too!

Tell us an interesting fact we should know about you: 
A Barrister once called me flippant because I told him the definition of a word was “universal enough to ascertain.”

Finally, why should students vote for you?
I’m running as an independent candidate without any political party affiliations, I plan to donate the entirety of the President’s salary back to students if elected, and I will do everything in my power to see university become a place that we enjoy being! I take the role incredibly seriously and will work every day to make the University of Newcastle a cheaper, more enjoyable and open place for ALL students!

The answers above reflect the unedited opinions of the running candidates. These attitudes do not necessarily reflect the values of UNSA, Opus, or the University of Newcastle as a whole. We wish all the candidates the best of luck and ask all readers to use their vote wisely. Not all candidates listed may appear on your election ballot if they have not fulfilled all pre-election criteria set by the University of Newcastle.