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What degree are you undertaking? 
I am studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics and Accounting.

What made you want to run in the 2022 UNSA election? 
A lot of students I have spoken with recently have felt let down by the University and made to feel like they don’t have a voice. Being on the 2022 SRC is an opportunity for me to help those students be heard.

What about the position you applied for appealed to you? 
Having filled my Campus Convenor role in 2021, I got to enjoy meeting heaps of different people and learning about their experiences at UON. This role means you get to help so many people, and that’s what I find most appealing.

Why do you think it’s important for students to get involved in leadership roles, societies and clubs, and engagement events?
University isn’t just about going to class and doing your degree. Engaging with the uni outside of class can be really fun and a great way to make some memories you will take with you for the rest of your life. It also looks really good when applying for jobs

Who is a leader you admire and why?
I really admire Winston Churchill as, despite overwhelming odds and negative criticism, he was able to rally the public and lead his nation through one of their darkest periods in history.

How do you manage conflicts or deal with problems?
If the problem is small and an easy fix, I usually would just do it myself or talk to someone who knows how to fix the issue. With more serious problems however, I sit down and try to remove myself from the picture. I will talk to others and get their advice before making a plan on the best way to move forward.

What are your interests at university and outside of university that make you a great candidate? 
I am a massive Dungeons and Dragons fan, which has helped me to be more creative and helped my problem-solving skills a lot. I am also really interested in politics—by understanding why leaders have dealt with various issues historically, it helps me to be a better leader in the future.

What’s one issue you would bring to light, or one student engagement activity you would pitch, as a student leader?
I would like to see the university hold a showcase day for all of our teams that go and compete either against other unis or in local comps. This would help build a sense of university pride and hopefully get more students interested in joining or just supporting these teams when they play. 

What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?
I would tell myself not to worry so much; things will happen that I can’t control and that’s completely fine.

Tell us an interesting fact we should know about you: 
I am absolutely terrified of birds, especially magpies.

Finally, why should students vote for you?
Students should vote for me because I’m passionate about making the university a better place and helping everyone. I am an experienced leader who will be in their corner, fighting alongside them, to make change that actually matters.

The answers above reflect the unedited opinions of the running candidates. These attitudes do not necessarily reflect the values of UNSA, Opus, or the University of Newcastle as a whole. We wish all the candidates the best of luck and ask all readers to use their vote wisely. Not all candidates listed may appear on your election ballot if they have not fulfilled all pre-election criteria set by the University of Newcastle.