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What degree are you undertaking? 
Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of Laws (Honours). 

What made you want to run in the 2022 UNSA election?

I want to have an active role on the UNSA SRC next year to promote positive change in the area of student education. I made the decision to run in the election to challenge myself and to develop leadership, communication, and collaborative skills. 

What about the position you applied for appealed to you? 
I have always been appreciative of my educational opportunities and passionate about an enjoyable, quality education for all students. The VP of Educationrole stood out to me as I want to be an advocate for students’ aspirations and ideas regarding their education at UON. 

Why do you think it’s important for students to get involved in leadership roles, societies and clubs, and engagement events?
As someone who has tried to get involved in many clubs, events, or endeavours throughout my life, I have never had regrets in trying something new or just giving something outside my comfort zone a shot. The benefits are endless for students who get involved in leadership roles or clubs on campus, such as meeting like-minded individuals, learning new skills, developing connections, and simply adding some spice to life! 

Who is a leader you admire and why?
My student coordinator at my senior secondary college is a leader I have greatly admired. He possesses important leadership qualities such as integrity, a strong character, being enthusiastic and entertaining, and having effective verbal and written communication skills, all qualities which I strive to have when undertaking a leadership role. 

How do you manage conflicts or deal with problems?
I deal with problems best when I take time to think about what sparked the problem and what is the most effective and efficient way of solving it, taking into account each party’s needs. I manage conflict by either agreeing to disagree or working to resolve the issue in a calm way by active listening and determining a positive way to compromise. 

What are your interests at university and outside of university that make you a great candidate? 
I have a strong passion for social justice and currently volunteer at many outreach organisations such as St Vincent de Paul, the Development and Relief Agency Van, Mission to Seafarers, Mum’s Cottage, Oz Harvest, and the Refugee Hub. This would make me a great candidate as it has allowed me to show compassion and understanding towards the needs of individuals. I have captaincy roles on my soccer and basketball teams, which means I love working with a team and supporting everyone to fulfil their potential. I have a keen interest in public speaking and have participated in many public speaking, mock trial and debating competitions, which would make me a great candidate to effectively advocate for UON students and communicate with all types of people. 

What’s one issue you would bring to light, or one student engagement activity you would pitch, as a student leader?
I have heard many students express concerns about finding employment upon completion of their degree. As a student leader, I would call for industry collaboration and frequent prospective employer talks within courses to connect students to businesses or organisations related to their field of study. I am motivated to implement student-employer collaborative open days to invite employers to come directly to the students. This would alleviate some of the stresses of job seeking and help to match up employers with prospective employees. 

What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?
Invest in a coffee machine earlier, and on a serious note… get involved in every opportunity offered as you will end up making so many connections and developing a wide variety of skills. 

Tell us an interesting fact we should know about you:
I was on the White Island Volcano eruption cruise.

Finally, why should students vote for you?
I’m sure you have heard your parents say, “uni days are the best days of your life” … So, vote for me and let’s make it happen! I will undeniably be a reliable, energetic, and strong voice for all students at UON. 

The answers above reflect the unedited opinions of the running candidates. These attitudes do not necessarily reflect the values of UNSA, Opus, or the University of Newcastle as a whole. We wish all the candidates the best of luck and ask all readers to use their vote wisely. Not all candidates listed may appear on your election ballot if they have not fulfilled all pre-election criteria set by the University of Newcastle.