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Hugh Milligan

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Our new website is live!

Here it is: our new digital home. There's a full calendar of upcoming events (which you can browse by campus), a directory of all our clubs and societies, a catalogue of Opus Magazine articles and back issues, and there's plenty more to come.

UNSA came into existence last July; it's hard to believe that we're still just seven months old! This website's been in the works for some time, and we've still got a lot to add, so thank you for your patience. It'll be epic once it's finished.

So what's next then? We've got a media gallery on the way, where you can see photos and videos from past events, and an archive where you'll be able to watch recordings of our online workshops. We'll have channels for some of our new web shows (more on that later!), and full profile pages for our student representatives and staff. And then the rest: online resources, student guides, policies and minutes, and a host of other weird and wonderful features are in the works.

So take a look around! Check out the events calendar and sign up for something. Join a club, or seven. And keep watching this space. It's like one of those starter homes in The Sims – modest to start with, but soon we'll have three storeys, a hedge maze and a rooftop pool.

I didn't say it would be tasteful.