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Online via Zoom (Cloud Campus)


Online Shut Up & Write Boot Camp

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Stuck on that thesis chapter or journal article? Want to overcome your writer’s block, beat procrastination and make real progress? Then shut up and write!

Shut Up & Write (SUAW) boot camps are communal writing events, where students sit together and work on their respective writing projects while blocking out all distractions. Writing in a group is like exercising in a group: it’s easier to stay motivated when there are other people around you doing it as well, and keeping you on task.

Each session is structured according to the Pomodoro technique – a series of 25-minute writing blocks divided by 5-minute breaks – to keep you fresh and focused. The breaks are a great opportunity to chat with other students, share tips and laugh about how long you’ve been putting off that lit review. (Or getting dressed for the day.)

The day will run as follows:

10am - 12pm: First writing block (four Pomodoros with breaks)
12pm - 1pm: Lunch break
1pm - 3pm: Second writing block (four Pomodoros with breaks)

And you can shut up and write just as well online! We’ll be hosting this boot camp via Zoom; now you can join in and write from anywhere. Write in bed! Wear a teddy bear onesie! Make it festive.

Zoom link: