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If you love food and want to minimize your impact on the environment consider joining our club! Find us in the Auchmuty courtyard on Thursdays for a veggie lunch.


Do you love animals, want to live healthier, and help the environment? The UON Vegetarian and Vegan Club is dedicated to providing affordable plant based food on campus and has been operating for over 20 years. Our philosophy is based on showing compassion for all living beings and supporting peoples actions to live a veg lifestyle. The Veggie Club is a safe space where like-minded people can enjoy delicious food and the benefits of plant power!

Every Thursday in semester 1 we will be at Callaghan campus providing yummy vegan lunches to students and staff. Start date is TBD

Contact us via email or facebook if you would like to volunteer for our stall and get a free lunch!

We have some great events planned this semester including picnics, beach days, potlucks, movie nights, and other fun activities. We hope to see you around!

Here are some interesting facts about plant based lifestyles if you are curious:

  • Replacing meat and dairy with plant based foods has been proven to reduce environmental impacts by at least 40%. (Seves, S Marije; Verkaik-Kloosterman, Janneke; Biesbroek, Sander; Temme, Elisabeth HM. August 2017)

  • Vegetarians and vegans have a lower risk of developing cardiometabolic diseases. (Lap Tai Le, Joan Sabaté. May 2014)

  • Globally the amount of livestock raised on farms outnumbers wild animals. Animal agriculture is responsible for 70% of Amazon Rainforest clearing which disrupts the natural ecosystem and destroys the habitat for many endangered animal species. Land clearing like this is happening all over the globe. ( December 2020)