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Join a place designed just for you. Where people who speak your language, and respect your differences. This is Spectral.


We are a group of neurodiverse students who have suffered. Many of us feel alone, while others feel overburdened. Some of us are quiet and displaced and others are paralysed with fear. If you're new to the university, or more experienced, you don’t have to be any of these things. We envision strength through connection and patience.
This is a place when all may come to feel safe, included, productive and responsible for each over. This is a community where older members can pass down their experiences so others may not have to fall. This is an environment you can escape to where you are guaranteed to be accepted and understood no matter your convictions, pain and personality. This is an institute where neurologically typical people can join, learn, support and contribute at their leisure. This is Spectral.