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The UON Parents and Carers Collective is the University's autonomous representative body for students that are parents or carers.


The Parents and Carers Collective is a group for students that are studying with children or other loved ones as dependents in their care.

Being a parent or carer is a constant commitment, equal to (and often greater than) the challenges of university study. The Parents and Carers Collective is designed to be a community and support network for those seeking assistance, advice and new social connections while juggling a range of parental and academic responsibilities.

It will run a variety of family-friendly events and activities (both on campus and online), and provide critical input to the SRC, to ensure that the needs of student parents and carers are factored into UNSA's future programs, intiatives and advocacy.

If you are currently a student and also a parent or carer, you are welcome to be a part of the Collective!