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A group for those who are passionate and/or curious about the environment. Meet like-minded people, get experience, and have fun getting into nature. Come along and join us now!


The Newcastle University Student Environment Club ( NUSEC ) was founded by a group of University of Newcastle students interested in the environment and sustainability of their local community in 2011. NUSEC has since evolved into a more social club, maintaining their initial goals whilst also broadening their focus to include activities such as campus based environmental campaigns, regular social gatherings, and adventure conservation activities.

We are a group whom:

  • support, educate and inspire students across the University with a passion to be involved in
    the improvement of environmental conservation, management and sustainability practices
  • provide social networking and volunteering opportunties for members
  • help out local organisations with clean ups and conservation projects
  • join in on important environmental campaigns to help spread the word about sustainability
  • assist the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the University of Newcastle with bush regeneration efforts
  • basks in the beauty in some of the state‚Äôs most captivating nature reserves

    • i.e. bushwalking, camping, spotlighting, sightseeing, you name it!

Comments/queries/complaints? Talk to us!


P.S.: If you're a graduate, staff member, or non-student you are of course welcome to join us too!


Glenrock State Conservation Area

Come spotlighting at Glenrock State Conservation Area where with luck, you will encounter night creatures such as possums, gliders and owls!

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Ash Island

Tree planting and Frogging at Ash Island, a HIL collaboration

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Maitland op shops

Op shopping followed by lunch out in Maitland

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